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Links Between Hypertension and Snoring

Links Between Hypertension and Snoring
by Christian Goodman

At some point, you’ve probably been nudged in the night due to snoring – if you sleep with a partner. Or, you may have wakened feeling unrested even though you believe you slept several hours. Though common, this habit may be more than just an annoyance.

Some snoring is not necessarily cause for alarm. Someone who snores only occasionally can usually fix the problem by rolling to the side to sleep.

Noisy and or almost nightly snoring though is more than likely something worth looking into.

This can signal sleep apnea. This is a common but serious sleep disorder in which the person will stop breathing throughout the night.

Witnesses can usually tell when the person does finally take a breath because a loud snore will occur. This is more than just frustrating due to the noise. The chemicals which help control breathing also experience interuption.

Oxygen levels drop and hormones are released which over time can result in high blood pressure. If this is not treated, serious health problems from heart attack to organ failure can result.

A few other factors that can increase the liklihood of snoring or sleep apnea are being overweight, alcohol consumption, smoking and indulging in heavy meals shortly before sleep.

So, it’s been established that snoring or sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure. What about the other way around?

Problems with the cardiovascular system tend to also include water retention. Water may be retained in the lungs and throat tissues. As a result, snoring or sleep apnea can be aggravated.

I strongly suggest my all natural High Blood Pressure program as well as my Stop Snoring Program. Both involve easy exercises and are extremely effective.

Christian Goodman is the creator of a unique method to cure sleep apnea and snoring as well as a treatment to lower high blood pressure. Some may not realize these two conditions are linked. But he has found a very clear connection between the two.