CBA Network Support

The F.R.E.E.D.O.M Network is designed to give back to the RotateLinks Pro community in return for support given in different ways.

F Freedom

R Religious Freedom

E Employment or

E Enterprise Freedom

D Debt Freedom

O Online Freedom

M Money Freedom

F – Freedom to Choose

Freedom means different things to different people and my personal feelings on this are that it should be about choice. To enable a choice of action to be made suggests that no external force is being applied to ensure that you can only choose a particular action.

Unfortunately because our lives are being controlled by a few people, many of our choices are already decided for us due to individual circumstances.

The internet allows us to balance this power across all of society and not just multi-national entities.

As large corporate operated, high profit margin businesses continue to push up rents and business rates on our high streets, the local independent shop keepers are finding it harder and harder to maintain a foothold, however the more money that stays in a local community, the better off the community is overall.

Big business is bigger than you think, the sheer size of them brings into play any number of advantages including economies of scale, buying power and the ability to exert pressure on the smaller producers/manufacturers – long term we are destroying our own sense of worth and value within our local communities. Take a look at who owns what in the picture below if you don’t believe me…


It doesn’t end with branded products either. It is surprising how few companies actually own our banks, utility companies, fast food chains and coffee shops.

Unlike these corporate giants, who are ruled solely by shareholders and accountants, it doesn’t have to be just about the money, although they obviously think it does.

R Religious Freedom

E Employment Freedom

E Enterprise Freedom

D Debt Freedom

O Online Freedom

M Money Freedom

The Conceive Stage

So I have an idea, to create a self sustaining pool of funds that can be distributed to a community in line with their contribution to the pool.

This pool will be split into two; Proof Of Work & Proof Of Stake, basically those that do something for the community such as advertising and those that buy something that results in a commission being paid to the community.

The Believe Stage


The Achieve Stage


In return

Obviously the first way the community can support us is by purchasing from the shop or from one of hundreds of selected partners at TopCashBack. In return for there are several ways we give back to the community using our loyalty schemes such as Cow Coins, Piggy Pennies and Moo Credits (Multi-purpose credits depending on ClubMoo Membership Status and time term conditions.)

In order to operate all businesses have to sell goods and/or services to make a profit. This profit covers the operating costs and if we’re lucky leave a little left over for ourselves.

Most of the expenses are fixed. The rent, business rates, water rates, telephone, electricity and wages remain relatively static all year around regardless of the weather or the economy.

As an example Mary Moo’s costs around £500 per week to operate and that’s without wages! We have to sell a minimum of £1,000 worth of goods and services per week to enable us to do this.

Individuals can also help us and themselves by purchasing Silver and Platinum ClubMoo Memberships which are designed to give you excellent value deals, whilst allowing us to buy better and add additional products with the extra money these provide.

Anybody who sets out to create their own business, never does so thinking they won’t succeed, but their reasons for doing it in the first place are varied. For some it is about the money, but for many it’s about making a difference and giving better value or having the freedom of following their own destiny.

In it’s simplest form making money by providing any product or service is relatively easy – if the cost of buying or making goods plus the cost selling those goods is less than the amount of money taken at the till, then you make a profit, if not your business goes bust. Some are better suited to this than others and a few actually go on to produce massive fortunes for themselves, however some are happy enough to tick along nicely by offering a much needed service, earning a comfortable living without having a boss breathing down their necks.

Unfortunately for most, however, it is the end of a lifelong dream over a relatively very short period of time, even if it never seems like it at the time. Many of these valuable local businesses would survive if they had enough time to become well established and a willingness to learn from the many mistakes they will undoubtedly make. This would require funding levels way beyond any personal or commercial finance available. There has to be a way that local communities can provide this and that’s where you come in, by supporting locally owned businesses even if it costs a little bit more to do so.