Sell Advertising In Your City + UK Only Offer

Anybody from anywhere in the world can pretty much purchase their own city/town or one nearby plus the platinum advertising sales package for $30.00 a year. The subsequent sales of advertising you make from your purchased location pays you commissions of between 50 – 100% direct to your Paypal account and are recurring as long as your clients continue with their advertising.

If you want to buy your own location, then click the banner below. If you see a location in the directory where you want to advertise click the direct link.

If you are from the United Kingdom and purchase a city/town via the banner below, I will add your direct city link to this Directory for as long as you are a member for free. If you already own a UK based location and wanted to be listed here I can add it for £12.00 a year, CLICK HERE if you are interested and send me a message for further details.

United Kingdom Directory

Weston super Mare, North Somerset