You Can Be An SFI Silver Team Leader!

Do you want to be a Silver Team Leader with Secure Future International?

Are you willing to spend any money to get there?

Are you willing to find other people who would do the same thing?

Well, read on for step by step options.

On the first of every month, have an auto delivery order for 2 TCredit packs of 125 TCredits. That will cost you $72.50. You will earn 3000VP for the purchase. And another 100VP for being Booster Club qualified.

Now if you have 5 PSA’s, even if they aren’t active, you are now a BTL from day one of the month. Without really doing anything.

OK, so now let’s say you have 5 active PSA’s who you have trained to do the same thing as you, (duplication), and they purchase 2 TCredit packs of 125 TCredits as well. And each of them have 5 PSA’s that may or may not be active.

That makes each of them a BTL as well on the first day of the month too. And now, because you have 5 PSA’s that are BTL, you receive 200VP for each of them reaching that level. That is another 1000VP added to your 3100VP for a total of 4100VP.

That makes you an STL, on the first day of the month.

And each of you haven’t really done very much in the SFI program so far in the first day of the month.

From each of your 5 BTL’s who made the same purchase, you have now earned $79.50 in direct commissions, which is more than you spent on your own auto-deliveries.

And then you earn some matching VP from the executive pool on all VP earned by your PSA’s, which can be the real bonus as you start to build your downline.

Is this possible? Of course it is. You and each member of your team can be an STL on day one of each and every month if you work at this concept and can find people who will believe in the same thing.

Is there a downside to all this? Yes. You have to be willing to spend some money every month. And find 5 other people willing to do the same.

But, this is only the tip of the iceberg – your team building efforts can grow exponentially if you really think about it.

Wouldn’t this be an awesome goal for each of us to work towards? Well, only you can decide. The choices all rest with each of us.

This post is attributable to Scott Lang – Gold Team Leader with SFI.

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