Keyword LinkUp

Donations, which start from just £2.00, will get any existing word or word phrase linked to a URL of your choice, provided they are not already listed below the Payment Button. If listed below, you will need to pay the amount stated.

When you make a Keyword Donation of any amount, your Keyword will be listed beiow for whatever price you ask. Just add the minimum you would sell for when you make your donation and it will listed below at that price.

NOTE: We will charge a 10% admin fee of your sales price if it sells, if it doesn’t sell then the links to your URL will remain indefinately. Your URL is automatically linked to any further occurances of your word or word phrase as new posts are added.

The keywords listed below are clickable and goto the current associated URL

AIOP – £25,000.00

All In One Profits – £30,000.00

Article – £8.00

Articles – £12.00

GHBot – £550.00

Matched Betting – £2,000

RotateLinks Club – £1,000,000.00

RotateLinks Pro – £1,000,000.00

SFI – £50,000.00

Secure Future International – £100,000.00

The Staking Machine – £250.00