Degradable refuse sacks


You don’t have to be green to be greener than you were – it’s not a one or the other option. With this in mind our objective is to help the wider community to copy what we are doing to improve the environment one step at a time.

Black bags sit in landfill sites for upto 400 years!

I’m all for changing this and will be using degradable black bags in the future purchased from our distributor website at Wikaniko. These degradable refuse sacks are for light domestic rubbish.

They will completely degrade to H2O and CO2 within a period of 12 – 18 months. Whilst these bags have been designed to last for their intended lifespan, they should not be exposed to excessive heat or light while being stored.These bags are also fully recyclable. Approx size: 71cm x 83cm (Rim 142cm)

If, having had a good look around our Wikaniko Marketplace and you want to help make a difference to the greater community, not only can you use some of the Eco Products for sale in your own life, you can even become a Wikaniko Distributor and let others do the same whilst making yourself some money at the same time!

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