About Me

Hi my name is Phill and I work from home, not because I want to, but because my Mother has progressive Dementia and the cost of paying for 3rd party care was more than I was earning. It made economical sense to move back home after spending nearly 40 years being self-employed and bringing up my own family.

Initially I did not know what to do, but after a successfully negotiating how to make a living with Matched Betting, thereby removing my immediate money concerns, I now actively seek out ways I can earn money without leaving the comfort of the front room. In fact my quest to make/save money has become so consuming that I now use SwagBucks for every search and check TopCashBack before I buy anything!

Although I’m interested in anything as my diverse range of posts show, given my success with Matched Betting, I ¬†tend to look at opportunities related to betting to see if I can make money, but most of the tipsters that I’ve tried are making their money from selling you their tips and probably don’t ever risk a penny at a bookmakers.

Because of this I like to devise my own systems based on statistical analysis, using various online tools, the best I have used so far being GHBot.

I am also building an international members website at RotateLinks Pro. This is my attempt at providing something I wish I could find on online, that is a way to create an income through effort as well as from sales. The internet is a wash with people who have bought into the ‘easily make money online’ (past and current) peddled by so call experts, often with massive price tags, who have found nothing could be further from the truth. If the idea of working from home starting with nothing other than a computer and an internet connection, then you owe it to yourself to at least take a look.

Initially I’ll take commissions from anywhere in order to fund the RotateLinks Pro Free Ca$h Distribution, but my long term plan for this site is to build a massive worldwide SFI team of affiliates

selling millions of products across the globe,

purchasing from auctions

and/or playing games.

Once enough individuals are involved with this then the percentage of the income generated that I add to the Money Builder will be enough to make RotateLinks Pro self sustaining. If you are personally interested in being part of this team and you are not yet a member click the banner below to pick up a valuable free gift just for taking a look!