Top Easy Grown Companion Veggies

1. Salad & Tomatoes

Crunchy fresh leaves with a fantastic range of textures and flavours. Some varieties grow in as little as 3 weeks during the summer and will continue producing new leaves whilst in season. Tomato plants are also quick and easy and an ideal first plant for your children. They can even be grown from seed indoors on your window ledge.

2.Spring onions and Radishes

Add a little bite to your salad with this pair of easily grown root veg. Easily grown in pots, or sow them directly into the ground throughout the summer for colourful salads.

3.Potatoes & Mint

Plant potatoes during late February and March in potato bags that are only part filled with compost. When the green shoots begin to appear above the soil, simply cover them with more compost. Repeat this until the bag is full, and then you only need remember to water them! 10 to 20 weeks later, when the foliage starts to yellow and die back, tip the bag out and rummage around in the soil to collect up your own home grown potatoes. If you’re growing potatoes then you might as well grow the garnish as well! Mint is so vigorous that it will grow on almost any moist soil so it’s best to keep it in a pot to stop it spreading too far.

4.Peas & Carrots

Peas are a trouble free crop and should be sown directly into the ground from March to June and picked fresh from June to August. All they require is support for their stems. One of the best thing about peas is that the more you pick them, the more they produce! Carrots are also an easy and rewarding crop to grow, great for encouraging children to eat their vegetables! Usually sown and harvested at the same time as peas they are ideal companions. Smaller varieties thrive in containers just as well as they do when planted in the ground. Ensure that your carrots receive enough water to maximize growth. The taste of home-grown peas and carrots is far superior to supermarket produce – try growing your own and see for yourself!

If all else fails you can always supplement your diet with some extra Vitamins and Minerals