Catalogue Retailing

Retailing products by delivering catalogues is an excellent way for anyone to gain an initial income quickly. We all know it works – look at Kleeneze, Betterware, and Avon as prime examples.

However, there is one company with a massive difference – Wikaniko.

Wikaniko is still a comparatively young company, so the whole of the country is virtually untouched, whereas distributors in other companies are falling over each other in the streets, as they attempt to gain customers. Inevitably, ‘turf wars’ break out.

So this is your opportunity to get the income that you want by cataloguing.

You can be become an Wikaniko Distributor position and retail products both online and via catalogue in return for a small set up fee of £24.95, a monthly website cost of £4.95 and the cost of catalogues.

Take a look at whats on offer HERE and if you think its for you, then join Wikaniko TODAY!!