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We will do this for you in return for a % of the Minero you mine, which helps us to pay for our Team Build. The only condition is that you agree to keep your page open for a minimum of 4 hours per week or you will be removed from our system. Obviously the longer you keep the page open the more Monero you will mine. (Miner Pool – 12%, Hosting – 11%, Sponsor – 22%, You – 55% for every 8 minutes your browser remains open on your Mining Site Page.)

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(More information regarding Monero is available below the contact form.)

What is Monero? (Official Site)

Why mine Monero?

Monero mining (aka XMR mining) is very simple. The great news is that there is a company that allows us to run their miner safely within your browser using the processing power of your computer. You will earn a percentage of all Monero you personally mine plus the possibilty of random mining from other members, all of which you will be able to monitor via your own dashboard.

Monero is easily traded for bitcoins which can be sold for cash, so this free mining opportunity is an easy way to build up your bank account.

Monero also differs in that it has a privacy protocol called ring signatures built in, designed to make it a leading privacy-based crypto in the market.

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